WaveSense™ Presto Pro Blood Glucose Meter Kit

by Agamatrix Inc.

The WaveSense diabetic meter features a test strip ejector for quick, multiple-patient testing and No-Code technology.

This is a good meter for professionals who are testing multiple patients in a row.

Includes the Wavesense Dynamic Electrochemistry for safe, accurate results that automatically corrects for errors caused by environmental conditions, sample and manufacturing variations, and user error.

Uses a small 0.5 ml sample size of blood and delivers results in 4 seconds.

It also includes an easy-to-read backlit display and non-slip rubber grips.

Allows for alternate site testing, like on the arm, and stores up to 300 test results.

Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Use with Presto Test Strips only.

Item: WA800004088   Kit includes meter, carrying case and owners manual.

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