VixOne® Disposable Nebulizer by Devilbiss

by Devilbiss

The VixOne® is the economical choice in small-volume disposable nebulizers.

Its ideal particle size production delivers maximum therapeutic effect by increasing the amount of medication that is delivered deep within the lungs.

These models are Latex-free and are designed for ease of use, allowing medication to be added without opening the neb cup while standard fittings accommodate most manufacturers' masks.

Anti-spill tee design provides secure seal with simple 1/4 turn assembly design.

Universal connector accommodates standard adult and pediatric masks as well as the PediNeb™ pediatric pacifier mouth piece.

Comfortable mouthpiece design.

Nebulizes in upright position or at angles up to 45°.

At least 18% more medication delivered than with a traditional open system.

Low residual volume (0-2/3cc) reduces medication waste.

High-capacity medication bowl (>10cc) accommodates varying therapy protocols.

Respirable Fraction — 84% below 5 microns.

Kink-Resistant Tubing and Corrugated Reservoir Tubing,

Respirable Fraction 84% below 5μ

Latex FREE

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great price and good quality...

great price and good quality