Vista® Digital Infusion IV Pump

by B. Braun Medical

This infusion IV pump is all digital, taking the worry off of you.

With three modes for pumping: Continuous Mode, Program Mode, and Ramp/Taper Mode, you can customize this pump to fit your needs.

A bag hook for the pump eliminates the need for a separate IV pole.

Dimensions: 5.5" Wide X 9.4" High X 7.8" Deep

All Digital Display.

Power Source:  7.2 Volt NiCd Rechargeable Battery.

Tubing Type:  Needle-Free Tubing

Pump Type:  Linear Peristaltic

Weight: 6.8 lbs

Item: 637-202   Sold as 1 machine each.

our price: $4,000.00
list price: $4,360.00
you save: $360.00!