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Tuckables Disposable Drawsheet Underpad


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by Attends Healthcare

Sized 36" x 70" for the tuckable layer and 36" x 36" for the underpad on top.

Peach color matches your bed sheets.

Non-woven, Latex-free

Attends tuckables disposable drawsheet underpad feature super absorbent polymers that lock fluids away from the skin and helps prevent odor.

These peach-colored drawsheets with tuckable wing eliminate pad movement and bunching for bed-bound patients, while improving patient comfort.

Soft, non-woven facing extended to the edge of the pad to promote healthier skin.

For heavy absorbency.

Designed to keep both the user and surfaces dry.

Fluff filler utilizes absorbent cellulose fibers.

Hygard super-absorbent polymer strips.

Unique barrier wings.

Item: PK1913  sold as a Pack of 5 or a Case of 50