Tri-Seat Adjustable Seat Cane by Alex Orthopedic


This "cane with a seat" conveniently folds up for use as a cane or unfolds as a portable seat, and is so lightweight, it can be taken anywhere.

An attractive matte bronze finish, a foam grip handle, and a comfortable, formed seat make this attractive and practical.

Cane height is fully adjustable for each individual's needs.

Warning: Designed for straddle seating only and requires legs to all be at the same height for proper use. 


-Seat Dimensions: 8" x 10"

-Seat Height: 18" - 21"

-Walking Height: 34" - 38"

-Product Weight: 2 lb

-Weight Capacity: 250 lb

Item: MNT82002   Sold as 1 each.

These products are designed to keep your loved one safe, while living at home longer.

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