Tranquility SlimLine Disposable Brief


This is a softer and more comfortable cloth-like brief super absorbency designed for heavy incontinence.

Tranquility's Peach Mat core guarantees protection against leaks, skin dryness, odor control, and pH neutralization.

The Komfort Monitor moisture volume indicator, hook and tab closures make for easy reattachment and less waste, and Kufguards leg elastics contain bowel incontinence to make this an ideal brief for bed-bound persons.


Items 2166 & 2120 have cloth-like outer layer and micro-hook closure tabs.

TRA2166   absorbency: 10.9 fl oz     waist: 18" - 26"    size: X-Small     Case 100

TRA2120    absorbency: 12.7 fl oz    waist: 24" - 32"    size: Small        Case 100

TRA2112    absorbency: 10.2 fl oz    waist: 28 - 43 lb    size:Junior       Case 120

TRA2122    absorbency: 20.4 fl oz    waist: 32" - 44"    size: Medium    Case 96

TRA2132   absorbency: 21.4 fl oz     waist: 45" - 58"    size: Large        Case 96

TRA2134    absorbency: 23.7 fl oz    waist: 56" - 64"   size: X-Large     Case 96


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anthony c.b.

The products did arrive on time, but they were incorrect. I returned them back and receive one box, but not the second box. One of the boxes were incorrect, the small size diapers for adults. I thought I ordered 1 box of medium, but some how the order was for 1 medium and 1 small. I receive a medium box, but never got credit for the return of the small box, nor was another medium was sent. I spoke with a representative that directed me on what to do. I followed her instructions and never got a response. Please send me another box of Medium adult diapers that is on my order or give me a credit so when I order a box, I will get the box. Please let me know your decision. Thank you