Tranquility SlimLine Breathable Brief


Tranquility's brief features a soft cloth-like outer layer and breathable sides which gives air circulation to delicate skin while the Peach Mat Construction guarantees dryness and odor control through pH neutralization.

Micro-hook closure tabs with finger lift-tips, grip the soft cloth securely, fastening the brief while still allowing for multiple openings.

The briefs have 2 wetness indicators and Tranquility's Kufguards, inner leg cuffs, for containing both liquid and bowel incontinence.


TRA2305    Medium    waist: 32" - 44"   capacity: 20.4 fl oz    Case 96

TRA2306    Large    waist: 45" - 58"    capacity: 21.4 fl oz    Case 96

TRA2307    X-Large  waist: 56" - 64"    capacity: 23.7 fl oz    Case 72

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