TranquilitySelect Disposable Briefs,Heavy Incontinence


These briefs are color-coded by size and have a wetness indicator, refastenable tape tabs, and elastic leg gathers for a secure fit.

For heavy incontinence.


Item: TRA3666 has 10.4 oz fluid capacity.   size: Extra-Small    waist: 18-26"   White color.   Item 3666 has cloth-like outer layer and micro-hook closure tabs.

Item: TRA2620 has 11.8 oz fluid capacity.    size: Small   waist: 24"-32"   Green color.

Item: TRA3665 has 9.8oz fluid capacity.     size: Toddler Plus    waist: 28"-42"    White color.

Item: TRA2624 has 15.8 oz fluid capacity.    size: Medium   waist: 32"-44"   White color.

Item: TRA2634 has 19.3 oz fluid capacity.    size: Large   waist: 45"-58"   Blue color.

Item: TRA2635 has 23 oz fluid capacity.    size: Extra-Large   waist: 59"-64"   Beige color.

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