Tiemann Coude Solid Tip Plastic Catheter - Sterile


This Tiemann catheter has a flexible curved tip with a pliable shaft to help ease catheterization.

It is especially helpful in negotiating difficult catheterizations.

The Rusch Company-Teleflex achieves this by molding the tip separately and then joining it to the shaft.

The notch on the catheter funnel is used to indicate the tip position for further ease of insertion.

This ERU Siliconized PVC Catheter has 2 staggered eyes,  a solid tip, and is color-coded for size.

Length of 40 cm (16").

Single Use.  Sterile.


Item: RUS221800160    size: 16 Fr    color code: Orange    Sold as 1 each.

Item: RUS221800180    size: 18 Fr    color code: Red    Sold as 1 each.

Item: RUS22180012    size: 12 Fr    color code: White    Sold as 1 each.

Item: RUS221800140   size: 14 Fr    color code: Green    Sold as 1 each.

Item: RUS22180020   size: 20 Fr    color code: Yellow    Sold as 1 each.

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