Thick-It® Instant Food Thickener


Produced to improve eating pleasure for people with swallowing disorders or dysphagia. Excellently thickens hot or cold beverages and pureed foods without changing appearance or affecting flavor. Lessens the risk of aspiration, will not bind liquids and promotes hydration. Dissolves immediately and provides calories without overthickening. 30 calories, 15 mg sodium and 7 g carbohydrates per serving (2 Tbsp.).


Thickens Hot or Cold Foods

Will Not Alter Food Appearance or Taste

Decreases Risk of Aspiration

Will Not Bind Liquids

Promotes Hydration

Dissolves Instantly

Contains Modified Cornstarch and Maltodextrin

Kosher-Approved Gluten-free.

Sold as one 30 oz can of powder.

Ideal for thicking liquids and foods, it doesn't change the appearance or taste. It can be used on hot or cold, thin or thick liquids and pureed food to any desired consistency quickly, easily and controllably. Depending on the amount of Thick-It powder you use, you can achieve nectar-like, honey-like or pudding-like consistencies. You can thicken fruit juices, carbonated beverages, milk, tea, coffee, lemonade, broth, pureed vegetables, pureed meats and more.

Recommended by speech-language pathologists and dietitians.

Item: PCF4076

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