Thick & Easy® Instant Food Thickener


Instant Food Thickener acts to make it simpler, more inviting, and safer for swallowing-impaired patients to consume foods.

So functional, it can be added to all types of hot & cold foods, liquids and supplement drinks without modifing the taste.

Simply add Thick & Easy to food or liquid, and almost instantly, it becomes the proper texture for safe swallowing.

Patients with dysphagia can enjoy tasty, nourishing foods, while keeping a properly hydrated and healthy nutritional status.

-Blends quickly and smoothly.

-Stops thickening after one minute.

-Retains consistency for shelf life of food or liquid.


-Doesn't bind fluid and is fully digestible. Allows for normal hydration. Releases 98% of available fluid after consumption. 

Sold as an 8oz can.

Item: AIN17938


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