Tendersorb™ WET-PRUF™ Abdominal Pad by Kendall™

by Kendall/Covidien

Abdominal pads are mainly  for dressing over large incisions and trauma sites and as a secondary dressings over draining wounds to provide absorbency, cushioning, and protection.

Tendersorb Abdominal Pads contain three layers: the outer layer is loose and nonwoven; the second layer is a filler; and the third layer is the WET-PRUF backing.

The outer layer is lightly woven to wick away draining fluid from the wound.

The fluff filler uses 65% of the pad to catch, absorb, and disperse discharge moisture, thus preventing wound contamination.

WET-PRUF backing reflects and rejects fluid strike-through, protecting both patient and caretaker.

Each of the four sides are sealed to prevent lint residue, leaking, and wound contamination.

-Tendersorb WET-PRUF Abdominal Pad (ABD Pad) sized 8 inch x 10 inch.

Ideal for large abdominal wounds and STERILE.

Sold as trays/box of 18 pads.  


KND9190A   size: 5" x 9"    Tray    Sterile    Box 36

KND9192A    size: 7.5" x 8"    Tray    Sterile    Box 18

KND9194A   size: 8" x 10"    Tray    Sterile   Box 18

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