TENA® Underpads - Various Absorbencies


Tena underpads are used to protect beds, linens, furniture, and to assist with repositioning individuals.

Quilted mat absorbs fluids by providing enhanced fluid dispersion.

Interior liner has soft, vented and non-irritating fluff  that maintains dryness on the users' skin.

Outer barrier is a polyethylene layer with sealed edges to reduce odors and ensure leakage protection.


SCT350    17" x 24"    absorbency: Regular   

SCT351    23" x 24"    absorbency: Regular    

SCT352    23" x 36"    absorbency: Regular    

SCT355    23" x 36"    absorbency: Extra         

SCT357    23" x 36"    absorbency: Ultra             

SCT361    36" x 36"    absorbency: Extra

SCT365    28" x 30"    absorbency: Ultra Plus    

SCT367    28" x 36"    absorbency: Ultra Plus    

SCT368    28" x 36"    absorbency: Extra

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