TELFA® Island Dressing


Handy all-in-one dressing.

Nonadherent TELFA pad covered by soft, breathable tape that adapts to the toughest areas.

Dressing is latex-free, but packaging may contain latex.


May be cut to fit any shape without separating. 

Simple to use - excellent as a take-home dressing.

Polyester wound contact film polymer can be steam sterilized.

Tested to provide the perfect balance of non-adherence and exudate migration.

Absorbent core is made out of 100% USP grade absorbent cotton - helps minimze skin masceration.

Ideal moisture vapor transmission rate helps control the fluid loss and provides moist wound healing environment.


KND7540    4" x 5"    Sold as a box of 25.

KND7541    4" x 8"    Sold as a box of 25.

KND7542    4" x 10"    Sold as a box of 25.

KND7539LF    2" x 3 3/4"    Sold as a box of 50.

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