Swimmates Adult Disposable Swimwear

By Principle Business Enterprises/Tranquility

Swimmates Disposable Swimwear are designed for swimming in any pool or aqua therapy. Worn under the bathing suit, Swimmates contain bowel incontinence while allowing breathability for a full urinary void to flow through.

The blue moisture-proof barrier gives you temporary and light urinary incontinence protection before you enter the water.

Fitted inner leg cuffs provide containment for bowel incontinence, keeping both the pool and the bathing suit clean.

Designed to have minimal swelling so the weight of a wet diaper does not drag you down while keeping it from breaking apart.

Easy removal and disposal with tear-away seams on the side. All Latex Free.

Sizes Adult Small to Adult XXL

Item: 2844  Adult Small Unisex  Waist: 22" to 36"  Weight: 80 to 125 lb 

Item: 2845  Adult Medium Unisex  Waist: 34" to 48" Weight: 120 to 175 lb

Item: 2846  Adult Large Unisex  Waist: 44" to 54"   Weight: 170 to 210 lb 

Item: 2847  Adult XL Unisex  Waist: 48" to 66"   Weight: 210 to 250 lb 

Item: 2848  Adult XXL Plus Unisex  Waist: 62" to 80"  Weight: 250+ lb 

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Customer Reviews

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Erin D.
Very effective and favorite product for this particular issue

My daughter is special-needs and doesn't understand if she is in a pool or not. She has used this brand of diapers since she grew out of the child-sized ones. It solves a problem and allows her to be in the pool--one of her favorite activities.

sandra c.
adult swim diapers

Work as expected, nothing gets out in the pool. YEAH

Bernard C.

Good Product