SureCare Protective Underwear Daytime and Nighttime Absorbencies

Surecare Pull-Ups Protective Underwear is a way to achieve effective adult incontinence protection without compromising dignity.  

A discreet, disposable low-profile undergarment that offers superior containment and fit.

The look and feel of real underwear with outstanding incontinence protection for a better quality of life with a cloth-like backing for comfort and dignity that is also a moisture barrier to keep clothing and bedding dry. 

Stretchy and breathable, they are comfortable to wear and allow skin to breathe.  Flexible gathers feel snug for security and tear-away sides offer easy removal.

Contains Poly-Fresh polymer for optimum absorbency and odor control.

Color-coded threads in the waistband indicate size. 

Best for moderate to heavy incontinence protection.

Regular Capacity for Daily, or Day-Time Use:

KND1602    waist: 34" - 40"    Size: Medium    Capacity: Regular    4 Green Strands Band    Bag of 20

KND1645    waist: 48" - 66"    Size: Extra Large    Capacity: Regular    7 Blue Strands Band    Bag of 14

KND1603    waist: 44" - 54"    Size: Large    Capacity: Regular    4 Blue Strands Band    Bag of 18

Moderate Capacity for Daily, Day or Night Use:

KND1605    waist: 34" - 46"   Size: Medium    Capacity: Moderate    4 Green Strands Band      Bag of 20
KND1615    waist: 44" - 54"    Size: Large    Capacity: Moderate    4 Blue Strands Band       Bag of 18
KND1625    waist: 48" - 66"    Size: Extra Large    Capacity: Moderate    7 Blue Strands Band     Bag of 14
Super Capacity for Heavy Incontinence and/or Night-Time Use:

KND1205    waist: 34" - 36"    Size: Medium  Absorbency: Super       Description: 4 Green Strands Band     Bag of 18

KND1215    waist: 44" - 54"    Size: Large  Absorbency: Super        Description: 4 Blue Strands Band    Bag of 16

KND1225   waist: 48" - 66"     Size: X-Large  Absorbency: Super     Description: 7 Blue Strands Band    Bag of 12

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