SureCare™ Bladder Control Pads Various Absorbencies and Male Guards

By Covidien

SureCare bladder pads are effective against light incontinence while providing discreet protection by keeping the look of a feminine pad with an increased absorbency of an incontinence pad.

Featuring a blue acquisition layer an absorbent polymer that disperses fluid quickly while controling odor and ensuring dryness.

The cloth-like top layer and latex-free elastic leg gathers give a better contoured fit.

Individually wrapped.


KND1100B    Regular    Case 132   size: 9.75" L X 4" W

KND1110B    Extra   Case 120  size: 10.75" L X 4" W 

KND1130A    Ultra Plus    Case 168  size: 4'' L X 14.5'' W

KND1140A    Extra Plus   Case 96  size: 4'' L X 12.5'' W

KND23246A    Super    Case 84  size: 13" L

KND23246A:   Male guards.   Male guards quickly absorb and lock in urine like any bladder pad but are designed with a triangle and cup-like shape to better fit a man anatomically.  sized: 6.5" wide x 13" long

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