Secura Extra Protective Cream


This Extra Protective Barrier Cream won't wash away after repeated exposures to urine and feces, which gives you a very high level of protection against skin breakdown.

Can be used on weepy skin to seal out moisture and enzymes, on skin exposed to diarrhea, or on delicate skin with diaper rash.

The soothing formula allows the skin to heal because it contains natural karaya to absorb moisture and adhere to delicated, broken down skin.

The formula also contains vitamin E to promote healing and 30% Zinc Oxide as the barrier.

Pediatrician tested so it is safe to use on infants and children with fragile skin. 

Item: UNS59432400   size: 3.25 oz Tube   Sold as 1 each.

Item: UNS59432500   size: 7.75 oz Tube  Sold as 1 each.

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