Durafiber Gelling Fiber Dressing

by Smith & Nephew Inc.

Durafiber Dressing gelling fiber is absorbent, non-woven, latex-free, and sterile.

Containing antimicrobial dressing composed of cellulose ethyl sulphonate fibers. 

Low risk of fiber shed and dressing residue.

High wet strength: Cellulose fibers give the dry and gelled matrix built-in structural integrity.

Excellent absorbency: Gelling fibers swell and gel on contact with exudate absorbing and locking in fluid.

Highly conformable: Transforms into a soft, cohesive gel sheet which contours closely to the wound bed.

Latex FREE


Item: 5466800559   size: 2" x 2"    sold as a box of 10

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Item: 5466800560   size:  4" x 4"   sold as a box of 10

Item: 5466800561   size: 6" x 6"    sold as a box of 5

Item: 5466800551   size: 4" x 4-3/4"   sold as a box of 10

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