Secura Moisturizing Cleanser by Smith & Nephew

by Smith & Nephew

This antimicrobial skin cleanser is formulated with aloe and glycerin and pH balanced to be gentle on delicate skin while still cleaning it.

The formula conditions and moisturizes the skin as it cleanses so it's ideal as an all-over body wash and perineal cleanser.

As a no-rinse, one-step cleanser, it saves you time and is economical to use.

Effective in removing urine, feces, and other foreign material from incontinent people and children.

Pediatrician tested for safe use on children and fragile skin.

Convenient spray bottle for easy application. 

Item: UNS59430900  8 oz spray bottle.  Sold as 1 each.

These products are designed to keep your loved one safe, while living at home longer.

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Secura Moisturizing Cleanser