image description Bladder and Bowel

Rusch Easy Tap™ Sterile Urinary Leg Bag


by Teleflex Medical

The Rusch Leg Bag comes with an anti-reflux, flip outlet valve.

The flip drainage outlet makes for easy emptying.

The sterile, high grade vinyl material (PVC) is recommended for single use.

Secure the leg bag with the two included cloth-fabric straps with included buttons. 

This bag does not have a sample port.

Item: RUS452919    capacity: 19 oz  Sold as 1 leg bag and straps only.  Tubing not included.

Item: RUS452932    capacity: 32 oz  Sold as 1 leg bag and straps only.  Tubing not included.

Item: RUS453932    capacity: 32 oz with 18" tube and leg straps.