Rosidal® Soft Foam Padding Bandage

by Drapers Fitness and Rehab/Lohmann & Rauscher

This washable, non-slip padding helps provide even pressure distribution of compression bandages over the extremities.

As a result, Rosidal Soft is ideally-suited for padding under lymphedema and venous edema compression bandage applications.

This latex-free, skin-friendly padding is made from polyurethane foam which is highly breathable and permeable to moisture.

The interlocking open pores provide slip-resistant assurance and can help prevent the compression bandages from sliding.

Durable and tear-resistant, Rosidal Soft can withstand repeated washings and not lose its elasticity.


Item: DFR23112   size: 4-5/7" x 1/6" x 2-5/4" yds.   sold as 1 each.  

Item: DFR23111   size: 4" x 1/6" x 2-5/4" yds.   sold as 1 each.

Item: DFR23113   size: 6" x 1/6" x 2-5/4" yds.   sold as 1 each.

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