Rochester Medical Personal Catheter® -Pediatric, Male, Female sizes

by Rochester Medical

These Latex-free, 100% silicone, intermittent catheter are softer than ordinary plastic catheters.

The advanced polymers make for a smooth, nonstick surface.

The firm silicone inner layer eases insertion and the softer silicone outer layer gives cushioned comfort.

Returns to original straight shape after being stored in a looped position, like during transportation.

Four offset comfort-sized drainage eyes are smaller to help the catheter pass smoothly over the urethral tissue to maximize drainage. 

Sold as 1 each or a box of 30.

Item: RMC62310   Pediatric  size: 10 Fr 10" length

Item: RMC61314   Female    size: 14 fr 6" length

Item: RMC61318   Female    size: 18 fr 6" length

Item: RMC63312   Male       size: 12 fr 16" length

Item: RMC63314   Male       size: 14 fr 16" length

Item: RMC63316   Male       size: 16 fr 16" length

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