Pro-Stat® AWC Sugar-Free Ready-to-Use Liquid Protein Supplement

by Nutricia

Pro-Stat® AWC (Advanced Wound Care) is a pure liquid protein that is predigested by papain, a fruit enzyme, creating a hydrolysate.

It is a hydrolyzed, enriched collagen protein providing a naturally occurring high nitrogen mix of all Essential, Conditionally-Essential, and Non-Essential Amino Acids with added L-Arginine, L-Cystine, Zinc and Vitamin C.

It increases absorption and assimilation because the large protein molecules are broken down into free amino acids and polypeptides.

Pro-Stat AWC is a liquid, concentrated protein formula fortified with L-Tryptophan and is clinically proven to have a 96% greater healing rate for pressure ulcers.

It eliminates the costly waste of unconsumed supplements and can also be used as a food fortifier.

Item: PS40130   flavor: Wild Cherry   sold as 1 bottle each.  Bottle is 30 oz.

Item: PS40230   flavor: Citrus Splash   sold as 1 bottle each.  Bottle is 30 oz.

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