Prevail Male Guards

by First Quality

The Prevail Male Guard incontinence pad can be worn by both men and women and features a cup like shape with a full adhesive strip for moderate incontinence.  

The pad is vaguely triangular shaped with most of the padding towards the front, and little between the legs, so men may be more comfortable.  

Some women prefer this style even though they are called Male guards.  

Comes with the Prevail Target Acquisition Zone and the Blue Stay-Dry Strip that quickly wicks and locks liquid away.

Sold in cases of 126 individually wrapped pads.


Each male guard is 13" long.

Item: FQPPV811   Case of 126.


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list price: $3.92
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Needs more absorbancy

The Prevail Male Guards lack enough absorbancy for my condition. Wish you offered one with more absorbancy so I could drop Walgreens altogether. Your service is much faster and reliable.

I've ordered the Prevail Male Guards for someone else.

They arrived on time. The purchaser liked them very much.

Prevail male guards ineffective

These pads are not at all effective at catching even the tiniest drip of urine. The product should be WIDER in order to be effective. I cannot rely on them.

Best pads ever

I had RPP 1 month ago. If not for these I would be depressed. Best on the market.

This product has better absorbency than my other favorite, the Tena Guard. It wo...

This product has better absorbency than my other favorite, the Tena Guard. It works great for sitting long periods in meetings, driving in a car, or watching TV. The cup shape at the bottom helps prevent leaks. The Tena Guard does not have this cup shape and will leak sooner. However, the Tena Guard is wider at the top and works better for activities, like going to the gym, sleeping, or working in the yard. The Prevail and Tena Guards are both great products.