Polymem® Quadrafoam Wound Dressings

by Ferris

No other dressing combines the four key wound healing capabilities like Polymem's Quadrafoam:




and moisten,

into one formulation.

PolyMem can be effectively used on most common wound types.

Provides continual cleansing with the innovative formulation of QuadraFoam dressing material and encourages wound comfort and health by creating an optimal healing environment.

Offers impressive wound wicking power while providing both a liquid barrier and gas exchange.


Item: FR5244EA  size: 4" x 24"   sold as 1 each.

Item: FR203ABX  size: 2" x 2"    sold as a box of 20.

Item: FR7031ABX  size: 3" x 1"  sold as a box of 20.

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