Polymem® Quadrafoam Island Hydrogel Dressing

by Ferris

Ferris Polymem® Cloth-adhesive Dressing consists of a polyurethane membrane matrix on a semi-permeable, thin-film backing.

The hydrophilic membrane contains a cleanser, a moisturizer and a super absorbent, starch, copolymer.

The dressing protects the wound as it facilitates the body's natural healing process.

Can be effectively used on most common wound type.

Features four, key, wound healing capabilities including cleanse, fill, absorb, and moisten.

Soft and comfortable adhesive.

Standard, hydrophilic polyurethane membrane matrix with a semi-permeable, continuous, thin-film dressing.

Item: FR7606   size: 6" x 6" Square with 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" Membrane Pad    sold as 1 each

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