Tena UltraFlush Soft Pack Personal Wipes

  • An adult-sized pre-moistened washcloth that is strong enough for personal cleansing but gentle on pipes in the event of accidental flushing
  • TENA UltraFlush Washcloths are designed to soothe fragile elderly skin
  • Support toileting programs as well as resident independence and dignity
  • Gently cleanse and moisturize leaving skin feeling soft and smooth
  • No rinse
  • Chamomile, aloe, vitamin E
  • Scented
  • 48 count pack, 12 packs per case
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A Very Helpful Product

These are wonderful wipes when one is caring for a loved one. However, I don't believe any of these wipes should be flushed as they will clog up city systems. Toss them in a wastebasket used just for the wipes and dispose of them with your regular garbage. It's the responsible thing to do.