Nestle BOOST® Pudding


BOOST PUDDING is a delicious, nutritionally balanced pudding.

Each 5 fl oz pudding cup provides a generous level of protein - 7 g per serving. Familiar food form provides patients with supplemental variety.

For the Nutritional Management of: Failure to Thrive / Growth Failure Gluten Intolerance / Celiac Disease / Inadequate Oral Intake / Reduced Appetite / Volume Intolerance / Surgery: Oral Surgery / Unintentional Weight Loss / Cachexia / Oncology / Cerebrovascular Accident / Stroke Disease-Related Anorexia / Dysphagia / HIV / AIDS Malnutrition / Stroke / Cerebrovascular Accident / Tumor-induced Weight Loss / Protein-calorie malnutrition / Fluid restriction.

Lactose-free, Gluten-free, Low-residue, Kosher. Contains milk protein. Not for individuals with galactosemia.

BOOST PUDDING isn't just good to eat, it's good for conditions from fluid-restricted and pureed diets to increased protein and calorie requirements. 

Sold  as a pack (4ct) or case (48ct) 

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