Medi-Tech Cut-to-fit MT Spandage

by Medi-Tech

This latex-free, tubular elastic retainer net replaces adhesive tapes and wraps for holding both wet and dry dressings firmly in place.

Dressing changes are faster, easier and more comfortable; no allergic reactions, no skin stripping or excoriation caused by tape removal, no "wet tape" or adhesive residue.

25-yard (stretched) roll.

Latex FREE

Item: MT04   size: Large      fits: Hand, Arm, Leg, Foot

Item: MT05   size: Average   fits: Head/Shoulder/Thigh/Elbow/Forearm

Item: MT03   size: Average   fits: Head/Shoulder/Thigh/Elbow/Forearm

Item: MT06   size: Average   fits: Hand, Arm, Leg, Foot

Item: MT07   size: Large       fits: Head, Shoulder, Thigh

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