LoFric Tiemann Hydrophilic Coude Catheter

by Astra-Tech

LoFric is the world's first hydrophilic intermittent catheter.

The coating is activated by soaking the catheter in water, which forms a slippery layer.

It is specially designed for comfort by maintaining the slippery layer throughout the entire catheterization.

LoFric is the only hydrophilic catheter proven in long-term clinical studies to reduce the risk of UTIs and other complications when compared to conventional catheters.


Item: AH9871040     10 Fr 16" Coude  Sold as 1 each or box of 20

Item: AH961240BX  12 Fr 16" Coude   Sold as a box of 25

Item: AH961640       16 Fr 16" Coude  Sold as 1 each or a box of 25

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