LoFric® Primo™ Hydrophilic Catheter

by Astra Tech

Astra Tech developed the Lofric Primo Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter to make catheterization simpler, convenient and more comfortable, while safeguarding the users' long-term health.

With the new LoFric Primo there is no need to choose between comfort and safety.  The new LoFric® catheter makes catheterization simpler than ever.

Unique catheter packaging remains soft, pliable and foldable and water is included for added convenience and safety.

The handling strip gives you a sterile and firm grip without touching the catheter.

The adhesive area on the back can be used to hang the package.

Fold and press the sterile water pouch to allow the water to run down and activate the catheter’s surface layer.

The LoFric® catheter is equipped with Urotonic™ Surface Technology to give the lowest friction during insertion and removal.

Latex FREE

Item: AH9620640BX   size: 6 Fr 8"                Sold as a box of 30.

Item: AH9661040BX   size: 10 Fr 16"            Sold as a box of 30.

Item: ATR9661240     size: 12Fr 16" Coude   Sold as 1 each or a box of 30.

Item: AH9661440       size: 14Fr 16" Coude   Sold as 1 each or a box of 30.

Item: AH9661640       size: 16Fr 16" Coude   Sold as 1 each or a box of 30.

Item: AH9661840       size: 18Fr 16" Coude   Sold as 1 each or a box of 30.

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