Kimberly-Clark Professional Gastrostomy Feeding Tube

by Kimberly Clark-Ballard

The Professional Gastrostomy Feeding Tube features a recessed distal tip that extends the balloon beyond the distal tip at recommended fill volumes, tapered distal tip for ease of catheter insertion, high-clarity medical grade silicone construction for visibility and drapability, and clearly marked feeding, medication, and balloon ports for ease of identification.

Inflatable silicone internal retention balloon.

Secur-Lok external retention ring.

Universal feeding port connector.

Medication port.

Dual exit ports.

Radiopaque stripe to aid in catheter visualization.

Luer-lok balloon port.

Graduated centimeter markings.

International color-coded balloon port according to catheter french size for ease of identification.

Item: BLD011214LV   size: 14Fr, 3 to 5 mL Balloon

Item: BLD011216LV   size: 16Fr, 3 to 5 mL Balloon

Item: BLD011218       size: 18Fr, 7 to 10 mL Balloon

Item: BLD011220       size: 20Fr, 7 to 10 mL Balloon

Item: BLD011222       size: 22Fr, 7 to 10 mL Balloon

Item: BLD011224       size: 24Fr, 7 to 10 mL Balloon

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