Skin Protectant Paste

by Medcon Biolab Tech.

Ilex Skin Protectant Paste is a topical barrier designed to provide soothing, healing relief to patients who suffer from skin breakdown and irritation.

By easing the discomfort, this non-toxic petrolatum-based product may actually decrease the need for pain and anxiety medications.

Creates a moist environment that helps prevent infection and maximize healing.

Minimizes trauma to existing wounds; Limits maceration.

Adheres to moist weeping tissue.

Inert and non-toxic; contains no alcohol or latex.

Bio-compatible with ostomy appliances and other medical and surgical device.

Ilex is not absorbed systemically so it's safe to use on newborns and geriatrics.

Alcohol FREE; Latex FREE.

Item: MF427181   sold as 1 tube each   size: 2oz tube  (Manufacturer Backorder; currently unavailable)

Item: MF547961   sold as 1 jar each      size: 8oz jar

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