Hominex®2 Amino Acid-Modified Medical Food

by Abbott Nutrition

Hominex® 2 Amino Acid-Modified Medical Food 14.1Oz Can, Unflavored Powder, Methionine-free is a nutrition support of children and adults with vitamin B6-nonresponsive homocystinuria or hypermethionemia.

It is methionine-free to allow greater intake of intact protein and also supplemented with L-cystine, in a soluble form, an essential amino acid that is often deficient in diets of children and adults with homocystinuria.

Methionine-free to allow greater intake of intact protein.

Powder supplemented with L-carnitine (40 mg/100 g) and taurine (50 mg/100 g) to help supply amounts normally found in foods of animal origin.

Item: 51118   Size: 14.1oz can    Sold as 1 can each (Unflavored)

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