Gold Silicone Coated Latex Foley Catheter

by Teleflex Medical 

The Teleflex/Rüsch Gold Silicone Coated Latex 2-way Foley Catheter has two, opposed eyes, a 30cc balloon and is 40cm (16") long.

It is sterile for single-use and color coded for better compliance.

This innovative design is specifically intended to minimize leakage, eliminate encrustation, maximize drainage, and prevent urethral tissue damage.

All catheters 16" long.


Item: RU18073012  size: 12Fr  balloon: 30cc

Item: RU18073014  size: 14Fr  balloon: 30cc

Item: RU18073016  size: 16Fr  balloon: 30cc

Item: RU18073018  size: 18Fr  balloon: 30cc

Item: RU18073020  size: 20Fr  balloon: 30cc

Item: RU18073022  size: 22Fr  balloon: 30cc

Item: RU18073024  size: 24Fr  balloon: 30cc

Item: RU18073026  size: 26Fr  balloon: 30cc

Item: RU18073028  size: 28Fr  balloon: 30cc

Item: RU18073030  size: 30Fr  balloon: 30cc

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Rogelio M.
Fast and every

I never have a problem with this company I always get my supplies sooner than what I think they're coming