FreeStyle® Freedom Lite® Blood Glucose Monitoring System


Ease and certainty in a blood glucose meter.

Simple-to-read, it features the largest numeric display of leading meters and is easy-to-hold with a large, comfy ergonomic shape.

Needs the worlds smallest blood sample size at just 0.3 mL, and provides no-code technology for total ease of testing.

Included is an easy-to-follow quick reference guide and instructions. Limited lifetime warranty.

Use with FreeStyle Lite test strips only. Kit includes: Meter, Battery, Log Book, Control Solution, 10 count Test Strips, Carrying Case, Lancing Device, and 10 lancets.


-No coding required.

FreeStyle Lite test strip that is compatible with the FreeStyle Lite meter and FreeStyle Freedom Lite meter.

-Larger buttons and Yellow strip port so patients can readily see where to insert the test strip

-7-, 14- and 30-day averages with 400 results in meter memory

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