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by First Quality

Cuties Quilted Baby Wipes are made from fabric that is "Super Strong" and thick to clean up tough jobs and "Super Soft" to be gentle to your baby's skin.

The Quilted Pattern on each wipe helps to give a more complete cleaning with less wipes. Single Hand Dispensing allows you to use an unfolded wipe while safely keeping the other hand on your baby.

Vitamin E & Aloe to keep delicate skin soft and healthy. Tri-Form Fabric is a unique three layer fabric: two outer layers are quilted and cotton enhanced for superior cleaning while being gentle on the skin; inner layer is strong and thick to prevent tearing or stretching, keeping hands cleaner. 

Cuties baby wipes, spunlace, sized 6.7" x 7.7"

Item: FQPCR16413   Sensitive 72ct Soft Pack

Item: FQPCR16513   Lavender Scented 72ct Soft Pack