Fiber-Stat® Liquid Fiber Supplement

by Nutricia

Fiber-Stat looks and tastes like water, but delivers 15 grams of natural soluble fiber per 2 tablespoons (30 ml) for gentle and reliable bowel regulation and prebiotic intestinal health.

Take it straight or add it easily to foods and beverages, Fiber-Stat provides the highest amount of fiber per fluid ounce without the unpleasant taste, texture and grittiness often associated with fiber supplements.

It helps reduce or eliminate laxative use while providing 60% of your daily value for fiber.

Stimulates the growth of beneficial probacteria in the colon without a separate supplement.

Ideal for fluid restricted residents such as people with edema and is suitable for diabetics.

No mixing or dissolving needed so it's easy to use.

Item: PS70001   flavor: Prune   sold as 1 bottle.  Each bottle is 30oz.

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