EZ-SHAMPOO® Inflatable Basin


As convenient for the assistant as it is relaxing for the patient, when inflated, the EZ-SHAMPOO basin provides a secure and form fitting support that cushions the head and shoulders.

An included built-in inflatable headrest can be adjusted to the desired degree of firmness for maximum comfort with its individual inflator valve.

An assistant can quickly shampoo and rinse the patient's hair, without awkward bending over and unsafe lifting.

An attached drain hose removes suds and water from the 8" deep, no-spill basin.

Compact and lightweight.

Specifications: Depth: 8" Width: 24" Length: 20"

Item: HPCB1005    Sold as 1 each


Please note: Bath Safety products are NOT covered by most insurances, including Medicare.

These products are designed to keep your loved one safe, while living at home longer.

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