Environmentally Friendly Convoluted Foam Hospital Bed Pads


Environmental friendly, "eggcrate" foam bed pads give excellent weight distribution, support, comfort, and pressure relief.

Fits standard hospital beds.

New green technology provides comfort and quality foam products from plant-based material instead of depending on 100% petroleum products.

This new technology leaves a 25% smaller environmental footprint than traditional foam material.

Roller compressed packaging means compact shipping container (please allow 1- 2 weeks for full expansion).

Specifications: Dimensions: 32" W x 72"L x 3" Density: 1.2

VALVM7201HB    height: 3"    Sold as 1 each.

VALVM7220HB    height: 2"    Sold as 1 each.

VALVM7233HB    height: 4"    Sold as 1 each.

These products are designed to keep your loved one safe, while living at home longer.

our price: $18.25
list price: $19.89
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