CURITY Potty Training Pants

by Covidien

Curity Training Pants are used for potty training juveniles and come in three sizes each for boys and girls. 

They combine a highly absorbent core, with leg cuffs, stretchy sides and waistband and a soft backing for comfortable protection.

They are recommended for potty-training juveniles and younger children suffering from development issues. 

Gender specific, and available in Medium (under 34 lbs.), Large (32-40 lbs.) and XLarge (over 38 lbs).

Curity Training Pants feature tear-away sides for easy removal, leg gathers and leak barriers providing improved leakage protection, and stretchy sides and waistbands providing better comfort and fit.

Combines the protection of a diaper and the feel of real underwear. Wetness indicator that fades when wet. 

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