Twist Female Intermittent Catheter

by Cure Medical

The Cure Medical Cure Twist Female Intermittent Catheter is a sterile, single-use female catheter with a unique, small shape and size similar to typical cosmetic products like lipstick.

The No Drip/No Mess formula is pre-lubricated and discreetly sized so you can carry it in a purse or bag with no one else knowing.

An easy, twist open top and universal funnel end is similar to full size catheters but these are so much better.

You can cath from a wheelchair, without transferring to a toilet, because the catheters have a funnel connector end.

Ease of use will make you never go back to a full size catheter.


Item: CQT10    size: 10Fr    style: Straight Tip  length: 6"

Item: CQT12    size: 12Fr    style: Straight Tip  length: 6"

Item: CQT14    size: 14Fr    style: Straight Tip  length: 6"

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