Catheter Male Coude Tip Intermittent Catheters

by Cure Medical LLC

Cure 16" long, Male Catheters are a DEHP and Latex-free catheter.

This sterile, single use catheter features fire-polished eyelets, coude tip option, and funnel connector ends.

A coude catheter has a curved tip which makes it easier to learn how to cath or to pass along an enlarged prostate.

100% fire polished eyelets.

Item: CULM10C   size: 10 Fr   length: 16" Male

Item: CULM12C   size: 12 Fr   length: 16" Male

Item: CULM14C   size: 14 Fr   length: 16" Male

Item: CULM16C   size: 16 Fr   length: 16" Male

Item: CULM18C   size: 18 Fr   length: 16" Male

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