CPAP Chin Strap by Sunset Healthcare


Pick from a variety of CPAP chin straps for use with nasal CPAP masks to avert mouth breathing.

Options include; neoprene, universal adjustable and premium design chin straps.

Neoprene chinstraps are hand washable and give a strong, comfortable fit.

Universal adjustable chin straps are adjustable at numerous points to allow for maximum comfort. 


SSTCS003L     size: Large    style: Universal Adjustable    Black       Sold as 1 each.

SSTCS003R    size: Regular    style: Universal Adjustable    Black        Sold as 1 each.

SSTCS001       size: One Size Fits Most    style: Neoprene    Black    Sold as 1 each.

our price: $19.75
list price: $21.53
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