CoughAssist® T70 by Philips Respironics

by Philips Respironics

CoughAssist T70, also known as a mechanical insufflation-exsufflation device, simulates a natural cough, when you can not cough yourself. 

It gradually delivers a large volume of air to your lungs when you breathe in (positive pressure).

Once the lungs have been expanded (similar to a normal deep breath), the device quickly reverses the flow to pull secretions out (negative pressure).

And, CoughAssist T70 helps keep your airways clear to reduce the chance of recurring respiratory infections.

The device also incorporates a triggering feature that allows you to synchronize treatment with your own breathing patterns.

Tracheostomy suctioning is an invasive procedure that uses a thin catheter and negative pressure to remove secretions from the airways.

Suctioning must be done with care. Bleeding, lowering of the patient’s oxygen level, and infection have all been associated with suctioning.

The CoughAssist T70 prevents the need for invasive suctioning.

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