ConvaTec Little Ones 2-Piece Adhesive Coupling Technology Drainable Pouch

By Convatec.

All Little Ones products are made to be strong while easy to remove to make it easier on your child and you!

These products are designed to fit a child's unique and smaller body shape.

Standard drainable pouches attach to the skin barrier by a foam collar adhesive which eliminates the plastic coupling ring.

The InvisiClose Tail Closure System allows the tail to be rolled up close the pouch and securely.

Soft and gentle Koala Comfort Panels are child friendly.

These pouches have filters.

SQB411637    Transparent    fits wafers: 1/5" - 1 1/4" (4.8 - 31 mm)    color: Peach    Box 10

SQB411638    Opaque    fits wafers: 1/5" - 1 1/4" (4.8 - 31 mm)   color: Peach   Box 10

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