Compose Disposable Protective Underwear For Moderate Protection

by Whitestone Compose

Compose Pullup Protective Underwear Comfortably Replaces Regular Underwear.

Disposable protective underwear provides a dignified and comfortable alternative to conventional underwear.  Pull up diapers, as they are sometimes called, have no tabs and pull up like regular underwear. 

With Dignity Compose Protective Underwear undressing is a breeze because the side seams pull apart easily after use as there's a stretch panel with tear open sides for easy removal. 

Soft, cloth-like, waterproof outer barrier for moderate protection with discretion.  

Compose underwear works well for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.

Super absorbent for dryness and odor control.  Wide interior fluff panel allows for optimal leakage protection from urinary and fecal incontinence.

Front/back identification with wide, color-coded elastic waistband.

Comfortable and Discreet Incontinence Product

-Soft, cloth-like backing

-Quiet, doesn?t rustle

-Wide interior fluff panel


-Made for men and women in adult sizes

Item: 55190         Small 20"- 32"     Sold as 1 pack (22ct)

Item: 55390     Medium 30"- 42"     Sold as 1 pack (20ct)

Item: 55590        Large 40"- 54"     Sold as 1 pack (18ct)

Item: 55690     X-Large 45"- 68"     Sold as 1 pack (14ct)

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list price: $13.30
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