Moldable Strip Paste


Coloplast brand Moldable Strip paste for creating even surfaces on dimpled skin. A box contains 10 2oz strips of paste.

Peristomal skin can have creases and folds that make it troublesome to develop a tight seal between the stoma and an ostomy appliance. Moldable Strip Paste furnishes a tight seal by filling in these creases while protecting the skin against stoma output by helping to curtail the chance of skin maceration.

Forms into a variety of shapes that conform to body contours, deep skin folds and fistulas to create an even surface for a better fit.

Advanced, no-sting formula increases product wear time, maximizes confidence and security, and is alcohol-free.

Single-strip packaging with protective film for less waste and easy application.

-Minimizes itching and stinging

-Maximizes patient comfort

-Conforms to body contours, deep skin folds and fistulas

Item: Col 2655  Sold as a box of 10 strips.

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