Coloplast Cysto-Care 2-Pediatric Silicone Indwelling Catheter

by Coloplast

2-Way Pediatric Silicone Indwelling Catheter 10Fr 12" L, 3cc Balloon Capacity, 100% Silicone, Latex-free

Folysil silicone lumen is significantly larger than latex lumens in catheters of the same french size which means more efficient drainage.

Silicone is biocompatible and inhibits encrustation. Validated for medium to long term use, up to a maximum of 30 days.

The bullet shaped tip, siliconized surface and fire-polished eyelets combine to allow a more comfortable and easy insertion.


Item: 61101905   size: 10 Fr   length: 12"  balloon: 3 cc   Sold as a box of 5 catheters.

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